Did You Know?

Flood Coverage - Flood coverage is not part of your homeowners policy. A flood is considered to be a temporary situation of standing water on normally dry land. This can be caused by an overflow of inland waters (such as lakes and rivers); an unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source (such as winter storms and melting snow); or mudflow. The risk of flooding can be increased by new land development, especially if natural runoff paths are altered. While there is a 9% chance of your home being damaged by a ke, there is a 26% chance of it being damaged by a flood. You can buy flood damage protection through a government program.

Additional Protection - Identity theft (the use of someone's personal information or finances by another for illegal activities), earthquake, and sewer back-up loss protection can be added to your homeowners policy for a nominal fee. Additional protection for damage to or loss of high value items of jewelry or fine art is also available.

Home Business - A home business (such as Avon) or self-employment may require additional coverage on your homeowners policy or a separate business policy.

Renters Insurance -  Renters insurance can be purchased for approximately $10 per month and provides important liability protection as well as coverage for your personal property. Landlord's insurance coverage does not protect the tenants. Extra coverage for computers can be added to a renters policy.

College Students - College students Living away from home are often covered as dependents on their parents' homeowners policy, but it may be beneficial for them to have their own renters policy.

Replacement Cost - Adequate protection for losses to your home is available only when you insure your home for its replacement cost, not its appraised or market value.

Multi-Policy Discounts - A multi-policy discount on both policy premiums applies when you insure your home and auto with Allied. You also qualify for bonus coverages including emergency lockout, an accidental death benefit of $10,000, air bag replacement in the event it deploys accidentally, and a single deductible for any claim when both your auto and home are affected by the same event, i.e. hail.

Separate Policies - Autos and recreational vehicles (such as campers, watercraft, motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles) need separate policies to protect against losses.

Students - Students with a GPA of at least 3.0 and college students away from home over 100 miles without a car qualify for a discount on their auto premium.

Higher Deductibles - Higher deductibles reduce your insurance premiums.

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